On getting fresh air

I noticed a very interesting trend for myself today, and I’m sure that any writer out there has experienced the same thing.  I’ve been plugging along with a rough draft that is approaching 20,000 words.  I haven’t even gotten to the part that leads to the main story line yet.  I have to kick and cuss and fight to get 3,000 words a day into this thing that threatens to be a behemoth.  So today, I went to a completely different part of the story, and started over, just like I was starting a brand spankin’ new shiny little brainfart story.  I had over 3,000 words out before I even took a breath.  It reminded me of sex.  You keep going along the same old road with the same old partner, even something great like sex can get stale.  Change that shit up a little.  Put on some nipple clamps and dress her up like Bea Arthur and get freaky!  I enjoyed that new section so much I’m seriously considering finishing the whole story out in the same way.



June 12, 2013 · 10:18 am

3 responses to “On getting fresh air

  1. Katie Scarlett

    Hey, just thought I’d let you know I’m liking your blog so far, keep up the fab work. I will be subscribing, so you better keep writing. Or else.

    • Thank you very much, I’ve only started taking this seriously again in the last few months. I think I need encouragement as much as I need nourishment…looking at the midsection, probably moreso.

  2. We’re all in that same boat dude….well, not necessarily the same boat, but we’re all masters of our own craft, trying to steer a course through the high seas of fictiondom, in a flotilla of like-minded wordsmithing craftsmen and women. We’re all trying to stay true in the storm, find our own way home, but as a collective, we can always throw the odd life raft to one another and help make safe the passage home.

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