what a day!

Holy cheetah shit, batman!  I wrote 10,000 words today on a story I hadn’t touched for three days due to work and family crisis and sheer, unadulterated wanting to spend ten minutes shut the fuck down.  Those weren’t 10,000 throw them at the wall and see if they’ll stick words either.  Actual thought went into them… mostly.  Look, this stuff occasionally writes itself.  I got to one of the major climaxes of the story today and i couldn’t stop writing.   It came out like a sneeze, all snotty and loud and splattered all over the computer screen.  I haven’t touched it in hours and i’m still too wound up to go to sleep.  I don’t really have any followers on here anyway so i know I’m not really sharing this with anybody, but hell I’m excited and i can’t talk to my friends or family about it because I kind of keep my writing under wraps so I just dumped it here.  I think I’m going to go back and write more…why am i wasting my time here?


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