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Older flash fiction from

Hey, I forgot I had this little gem in my library. It was a 450 word max flash fiction with the prompt “Moonshot”. Pretty much made this one my own, I have to admit this one I’m a little proud of. Just ’cause.


Harmon Ferguson drove his 1979 Chevy Silverado across the boundary between blacktop and gravel without taking his foot off the gas. The gravel road was smooth, as gravel goes, and the loose left headlight only occasionally winked in the darkness. He had driven the same truck down the same gravel road since ’80, when both man and truck had fewer dings.

He casually leaned toward the passenger seat and patted the butt of his double barreled 20 gauge. “This’ll be the last night.”

He rolled the window down and spit a stream of tobacco into the darkness, adding another layer of juice to the stains on the side of the truck. He didn’t bother to wipe the dribble off his lip, there was no time. The bridge was just around the bend.

From his pocket he pulled two earplugs, shoving one in each ear. His buddy Andy down at the gun shop had fixed him up with two “special” shotgun shells. “Those little pricks won’t bother me after tonight.”

He slid the two special shells into the gun and levered it closed. The bridge was just coming into view. They always came at him there. He slid the barrels of the gun through the window, clamping down tightly on the butt with his armpit.

As the truck bounced onto the bridge, his headlights illuminated three pale and pimply bare asses. It was the Morgerson brothers, showing him their good sides again. His lips stretched into a grin, whiskey-colored teeth revealed in the dim glow of dashboard lights.

Harmon didn’t slow down. He didn’t have to. As the truck passed the three boys, Harmon pulled both triggers. The gun bucked in his hand as three ounces of rock salt, travelling at over a thousand feet per second, exploded from the truck window and embedded itself in three bare teenaged asses. He didn’t hear the screams over the thunder in the cab or through the earplugs, but he saw the boys jump and he knew his shot had hit the mark. As the truck bounced off the bridge and back onto the gravel he cackled out his window, “How’s that for a moon shot, you little shitpokers?!”



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New flash fiction

So I’ve taken up another of Chuck Wendig’s Flash fiction challenges from Using random numbers I was given three themes: A forbidden tryst, Public drunkenness, and a library. I give you the following 777 words but be warned: I’ve never written anything even akin to erotica, and it wasn’t my intent to write what came out. Nevertheless, this is dirty. There are all manner of sexual references in this so if that stuff bothers you then shoo! Go away, this won’t work for you.

I’m interested in knowing if I made this work, since I’ve never tried to write anything sexual before. Is it clumsy, too cliche, that type of thing. Thanks!

The Library

Daniel’s friends always left the law library at 11:00. They knew he had the early criminal law class the next morning, and 8:00 a.m. comes around mighty early. The only good thing about that class was that Professor Fine taught it, and her name pretty much summed her up. Fine.

It was the other law students that had to be reminded the library was closing. Daniel flashed the lights and waited, but nobody came from the stacks. He turned the sign to “CLOSED” and did his nightly sweep to make sure none of the other students had fallen asleep while studying. “I spend ten hours a day in this place, why the fuck did I get a job here too?” he asked the stacks. His poor life choices didn’t concern them.

Returning from his sweep he recognized Professor Fine standing at the front desk. Well, that’s not entirely correct. Professor Fine never just stood. She stood seductively. She lingered.

There were some books on the counter in front of her, but she appeared to be falling asleep as he approached. “Professor Fine, are you O.K.?”

She abruptly straightened and turned to the sound of his voice, smiling. She recognized Daniel and her smile changed. She looked at him, all over him, her eyes stopping on the crotch of his jeans. Tilting her head to the doors, she said, “Lock them, lock them right now.”

Daniel did as he was told. A hopeful ache began in his jeans. He turned to find her moving, almost slithering, around the counter to his desk. “This can’t be happening,” he thought to himself, and turned off the lights in the main stack.

“Don’t turn them off back here,” came the bewitching voice from the counter. She was leaned over it, her shirt already unbuttoned to her navel. Breasts completely filled his vision. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “I’ve been waiting all night for this, I sat in my office for hours getting drunk and waiting for you to lock those damned doors.” Daniel’s cock was already straining against his zipper. She may have been the one drinking, but he was already drunk on the possibilities. She walked to the door of the head librarian’s office. “Let’s get into trouble tonight.” Without looking back, she went in.

Daniel jumped the counter. Every guy in law school was enamored with Professor Fine, and more than a few of the girls too. She made straight women question their sexuality.

He rushed the last few steps to the office. She had unbuttoned her shirt but left it on, waiting with a hand on her hip for him to do something. He went to her and started to grope. “Not like that,” she whispered in his ear, “do it like this.” She took his left hand and slid it to the curve of her ass, then took his right hand and used it to pinch her nipple. “Gently at first, then I want you to do it harder.” She threw a leg around him, grinding her crotch into his cock. He could feel wetness through his jeans, and knew she wasn’t wearing panties. She shoved her tongue into his mouth, adding the distant taste of bourbon to what was already becoming sensory overload. Frightened to do it but trying to keep up, he squeezed her nipple harder and was met with a moan before she bit his lip. “Harder” was all she said, and he complied as she rubbed her crotch against the outline of his dick. He began to worry that he would cum before they even got his pants off. As if reading his mind she got to her knees and said, “We have to get those things off you and get your cock out.”

“We will be taking nothing off and there will be no removal of cocks in here!”

Professor fine shot upright as Daniel turned to the door. His boss stood there, a sheen of sweat already formed on his bald head. “Daniel, it appears that the library is in order. Your job is done for the night. I’ll see you tomorrow….”

Relieved at the opportunity to escape, Daniel stumbled out the door and made a hasty exit.

“Professor Fine, you are so dirty.”

“I guess you’ll have to spank me…” She left the phrase hanging in the air.

“Of course I’m gonna spank you, don’t I always?” He opened his locked desk drawer, pushing past the handcuffs and beads to retrieve his short riding crop. She raised her skirt and turned, baring her ass and bending over his desk. “I hope the dean doesn’t catch us…”

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