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Why is there a debate over Carrie Fisher’s aging?

I suppose it’s just a normal event at this point, but I still don’t get it. Why do so many “fans” of public figures expect their heroes to never age, yet criticize them if they attempt plastic surgery or some other procedure to achieve said agelessness? Yes, Kenny Rogers’ eyes looked fucked up for years, but his surgery was done in an attempt to avoid the “He’s aged like shit” media. Renee Zellwiegerfoaihsfa (I think that’s how you spell her name) went through the same thing, and indeed looked kind of dire after all her procedures. But if she hadn’t? Well, she would have looked like shit anyway, according to whomever it is at Elle or Cosmo or whatever who makes those decisions for us.

My wife and I used to go to church with a woman who was in her early forties. Her hair was natural, had gone mostly grey but in streaks. She rarely wore make-up, and when she did it was hard to tell because she applied it gently, rather than applying it in anger. She was beautiful, and it wasn’t any kind of beauty that would be seen by the asshole People media. It was a calm, self-assured indifference. There was beauty in her allowing herself to age, and a beauty in her “fuck-you-if-you-don’t-like-it” attitude.

Maybe there’s no point to this rant, but when did ageing become a crime? Isn’t it better than the alternative? Would the haters be happier if Carrie Fisher had died, to be replaced with another brass-bikini wearing tentysomething? Of course not. They’d just tear the new girl down. “She’s not Carrie,” they would smuggly say.

And after all this, the “fans” talk about how good Harrison Ford looks. Fuck, I don’t know.



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I can’t say it better than J A Konrath…

Ok, so I normally don’t play around a lot in Konrath’s sandbox, because he spends a lot of time arguing about negative things and in my mind, flinging poop rather than discussing things I’m interested in, such as writing. But his resolutions every December get me pretty jacked up, and I thought I’d link them here for the few that follow me.

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“I Meant What I Said When I Said The Soup Was Good,” I Ejaculated Most Fizzily

Source: “I Meant What I Said When I Said The Soup Was Good,” I Ejaculated Most Fizzily

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