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I get my life back now…

So, after promising myself that I’d be here on a regular basis, my father decided (unexpectedly) to run for the state house of representatives in Kentucky. Democrats are unpopular right now, and we lost. I look for a silver lining in everything so here’s what I’m going to concentrate on:


I don’t have to go through this again every other year


I can start writing again instead of knocking on stranger’s doors and eating at pancake breakfasts every saturday and sunday


I can start working on the blog again


People get the leadership they deserve.


So rather than sour grapes or ranting about the state of the country, I’ll just say that I live on the top of a very large hill. There are no trees on this hill. It is a very safe place to sit on the porch, drink a beer, write, and watch the country burn around me.


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