Ok, so I’m supposed to tell you about myself here.  I write part time for a local newspaper, do some freelance stuff, and rarely get paid.  Most of my writing gigs are done so that I can get exposure and to make me stick my grubby little fingers onto these letter-nipples on my computer.  given the opportunity, I’ve gone literally years without writing a damned thing of relevance so I have to set these little freelance bullies out there to embarrass me and give me purple nurples when I slack off.  Inspiration may come or it may not but I will at least have a hard drive full of little letter-babies to survive me when the zombie apocalypse finally comes.  Ah, zombie apocalypse.  Would be nice to get nibbled by something.  Oh, be gentle zombies…

I’m an attorney, I’m in Kentucky, and I have a family.  I’m retaining some anonymity here so that I can write what truly needs to come out rather than worrying about my little community looking over my shoulder.  I feel that in order for my writing to be healthy to me, it has to come out naturally, like a belch or the birthing of my little man-babies every morning about 20 minutes after I wake up.  Writing is a dark endeavor for me, but I am healthier of mind and spirit every day that I do it.  In reality, getting published is not my primary goal when I write.  All these little Damien-like thoughts live inside my head, and if I can’t squirt them out through my little vienna sausage fingers they begin to co-mingle inside there and procreate.  You don’t want to see me with third-generation little Damien ideas telling me how to get through my day.  Might make going to court a little tougher…

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in English, with an inside track (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean) in creative writing.  It was helpful, I guess, but creative writing courses at most universities are like hippie love ins.  Can’t really figure out how you get graded on that shit either, but that’s a different subject for a different bitch section.  So you get that to look forward to….

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